Romelu Lukaku confirms his future has been decided

Romelu Lukaku has reached that dangerous point in any young footballer’s career, where they now appear to fully believe their own hype, as the media hyperbole around the Belgium international reaches fever pitch – so frustrating that journalists only deal in sensationalised sweeping statements, either depicting footballers as the best or worst in the game; there seems to be no in between.

Lukaku – who no doubt doesn’t realise the flaws in his game meant he didn’t win the Premier League Golden Boot, despite leading, by some way, with just a handful of games left – has been doing his usual disrespectful and arrogant interviews:

“I know what’s going on, but I let my agent (Mino Raiola) finish things.

“In the end I do take the decision. I want to improve and enhance myself.

“We are in talks with the club. I want to play in the Champions League, and try to win the Premier League a few times. I’ll take the decision.”

Lukaku speaking to Het Laatste Nieuws

Lukaku, quite clearly – and for some time – feels he is bigger and better than the Toffees. And perhaps Chelsea were too quick to discard the former Anderlecht striker from their books. But agent outbursts and various disrespectful interviews to Everton all continue to happen, when, as of yet, there hasn’t been a genuine elite performance – let alone consistency – from the Belgium international against the game’s big boys.

And even today, Lukaku’s dad is now quoted as saying he wants his son to join Bayern Munich; the circus that comes┬áwith Lukaku, really isn’t worth the fee or the performances.

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