Tony Adams confirms he is Brexit with Mesut Ozil comments

Tony Adams has battered sausage and chips every night for his tea, pass it on. 

Tony Adams sleeps in an English flag onesie, pass it on.

Tony Adams needed the help of a foreigner to maintain his relevance at Arsenal, and end his career as the club’s most successful ever captain, pass it on.

Adams, who is currently promoting his new book – which will shock no one – continues with outlandish, narrow minded and ignorant claims about Arsene Wenger and Arsenal.

“It was an insult to buy Mesut Ozil when we’ve got Jack Wilshere there, who is every bit as good.

“If I’d been Jack I’d have knocked on Arsene’s door and said: ‘why the hell are you spending £40m on this player when I can do it just as well?’

“A lot of fans have questioned Ozil and his desire to win. When you’ve got a player and you’re giving them lots of money they have to contribute.”

Tony Adams speaking to the Evening Standard (presumably whilst eating pork scratchings)

Wilshere would be embarrassed to sit here and now read the career comparisons of the German World Cup winner and himself, so we will spare the player who lost his place in Bournemouth’s team, whilst on loan there, the embarrassment.

The ignorance of Adams, a failed manager (can we even call him that?!) at Wycombe Wanderers, Portsmouth and most recently Granada, is seemingly so bitter about not being part of the Arsenal set-up from as soon as he retired, it keeps him awake at night.

And given the iconic viral video of Adams in a recent training session with Granada, Wenger has been deemed right in keeping the former Gunners captain at arms length – although it was Adams who opted to reject the chance to co-manage the Under 18s with Thierry Henry in 2016, deciding to further enhance the stereotype of him, by opting for the money at the last minute, and becoming Chongqing Lifan’s head of youth development.

From Thierry Henry to Freddie Ljungberg to Steve Bould, Wenger has been happy to surround himself with worthwhile former players, but don’t let that get in the way of your agenda, Tony.

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