Three Lions in the dugout

Joe Parker

The England job is a poisoned chalice; a nation expects and the team rarely performs to the scale of these expectations. Over 50 years ago, however, Sir Alf Ramsey led England to World Cup glory; afeat yet to be emulated, but one that provides a barometer for comparison. 

All too often, a proven manager at domestic level has taken the reigns of the national team: Don Revie at Leeds, Kevin Keegan at Newcastle and even Graham Taylor at Watford and Villa; they’ve subsequently, though, all failed to convert this to national team glory.

England have had a steady and impressive crop of players, too, since 1966. The 2002 World Cup team is often looked back on with nostalgic dismay, especially now players like Jake Livermore are getting their foot in the door. Likewise Gascoigne and Lineker’s 1990 side is often considered one of the best England has ever had.

The England team has notoriously under performed, by both standards of expectation and player talent. The immortality of Sir Bobby Moore and Sir Geoff Hurst under Sir Alf has loomed ominously over England. So let’s have a look at the men at the helm of this consistently disappointing national side.

Current manager Gareth Southgate and caretaker managers in Stuart Pearce, Joe Mercer, Howard Taylor and Peter Wilkinson, have all been left out of the running.

A poisoned chalice indeed and one that Gareth Southgate currently drinks from. With current talents in Dele Ali, Harry Kane and Marcus Rashford all excelling for their clubs. Let’s hope he can, firstly, keep Harry Kane away from taking corners and secondly, fill a Sir Alf Ramsey-sized hole in England’s trophy cabinet.

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