CLICKON eSports’ NA vs EU Rift Rivals Predictions

With Rift Rivals commencing this week, there is likely no match-up that inspires more emotion than that of North America and Europe.

With a back in forth history where both sides stake their case to be on top, Riot Games addition of regional competitions in their new Rift Rivals series should add an additional chapter.

The Rift Rivals series sends both of the top three finishers from the 2017 Spring Split to a Berlin for a four-day event that begins with a cross-regional double round robin and culminates in a best of five between the two top teams. While both teams are sending three teams to Rift Rivals, the regional storylines couldn’t be further apart.

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North America saw its three representatives (Team SoloMid, Cloud9, and Phoenix1) all struggle to open the Summer Split, with a combined 1-5 record in the opening week. While TSM and C9 have seemingly steadied the ship and reasserted themselves as two of the top three teams in NA, Phoenix1 has continued to struggle.

With the addition of new jungler Michael “MikeYeung” Yeung, Phoenix1 seems to have finally begun to find a groove, but whether they are able to translate that to any success at Rift Rivals still feels like a long shot.

On the other hand, Europe has followed closely to the expected script. The top tier of teams in the EU LCS have held firm onto their position, with Fnatic rising to the top of the league at G2 eSports’ expense. Unlike North America, where it feels any team could win any match, Europe has established a clear hierarchy that is rarely deviated from.

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Entering Rift Rivals, the Europeans are the clear favorites. With many feeling Europe was already the stronger region after the Mid-Season Invitational, the chaotic NA LCS has only served to further these assumptions.

Still, if the history of NA vs EU has taught us anything, it’s that no outcome is certain. With Rift Rivals about to kick off, CLICKON eSports predicts the tournament’s final standings.

CLICKON eSports EU vs NA Rift Rivals Predictions


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