Jose Mourinho to extend Manchester stay by 12 months

Jose Mourinho’s volatile – yet shrewd – approach to Manchester United’s season eventually reaped the rewards come full-time in Stockholm. And the success all came out of a hotel bedroom in Manchester’s five-star Lowry Hotel.

The former Chelsea manager spent the first twelve months of his Red Devils tenure living in the hotel, and it has now been reported that Mourinho is in no rush to search for more permanent accommodation, and will remain at the Lowry.

Mourinho’s family still reside in London, with the (not so) ‘Special One’ making regular trips down to his former city, where it is believed the former Porto man spends most of the time playing knock down ginger on Arsene Wenger’s home.

A lavish lifestyle isn’t without issues, though, with poor ol’ Mourinho suffering from wi-fi issues now and then. And it has been speculated that Jose must now and then, make the long 12-yard walk across his hotel room, to answer the door to the minions delivering his food – unconfirmed reports that Chris Smalling and Luke Shaw are the aforementioned ‘minions’.

Mourinho’s reluctance to set up in a more permanent home does lend itself to the questioning of whether Mourinho views the Manchester United job – and project – as a long-term one.

The truth is, the job Mourinho has always wanted, has changed a lot since he finally took over 12 months ago.

Ultimately, though, if United are happy to spend £89million on a dab and £100,000-a-week on a glorified Rugrat in Jesse Lingard, a few spring rolls and the souls of puppies (they must be in Jose’s diet) aren’t going to cause United too many sleepless nights.

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