Benfica: Europe’s favourite place to shop

Many clubs around Europe have to deal with their squads being decimated by richer clubs, for many it’s their one way to survive for Benfica fans seeing a young talent poached by richer clubs before their time has become part and parcel of any transfer window even if it hasn’t halted their success.

Whilst the likes of West Ham United and Southampton struggle to break their glass ceiling due to it, the Lisbon giants only continue to win league titles and threaten to end the curse of Bela Guttman even without some of the superstar players listed below.

The 2009-10 Benfica team alone had two players that would later win the UEFA Champions League and in David Luiz a player that would win three league titles in two different countries whilst the 2014 domestic treble winners surrendered future English, French and Russian league title winners and a goalkeeper that has set unprecedented defensive records in Spain.

With both Ederson and Victor Lindelof on their way to Manchester, the 2017 Benfica champions maybe facing another break up of talents but try stopping them making a success out of it anyway.

It’s too early to say whether the likes of Renato Sanches, Lindelof and Ederson will be as successful as some of the players on this list, all have youth on their side of making a success of their careers outside of Lisbon, one thing’s for sure, Benfica’s ability to find young talent and flip them for a healthy profit goes nearly unmatched in world football.

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