WATCH: Dardoch Flames And Shames Team Liquid For Their “Hot Garbage” Season

There is no love lost between Joshua “Dardoch” Hartnett and Team Liquid. Once the organisation’s prodigal son, the rookie jungler was soon ostracised and made an outcast by the organisation, resulting in the bad blood that exists between the two parties to date.

Speaking on stream ahead of Counter Logic Gaming’s first fixture of Week 5 against Team Liquid, Dardoch was asked to provide comment on his former organisation, given their disappointing showing in the NA LCS throughout 2017.

Team Liquid’s issues have been widely publicised, from near constant roster shuffles to curious management decisions. Currently sitting at the bottom of the NA LCS pile, Dardoch did not hold back in twisting the knife:

“Thought on Liquid this season, I mean they’re just hot garbage… just like always.

“They’re just real bad, they have a lot of issues and none of them are getting fixed it seems.

“I don’t have a lot of respect for Liquid as an organisation, or players, or team.”

Joshua “Dardoch” Hartnett

Dardoch exploded onto the League of Legends scene as a rookie with Team Liquid, immediately establishing himself as a carry jungler with the potential to be a star in the NA LCS and earning himself Rookie of the Split honours.

Yet the young American never harmonised with the team, an issue made abundantly clear when Team Liquid released their documentary “Breaking Point”.

With issues both in and out of game, Team Liquid would make the decision to part ways with Dardoch, off-loading their star player to Immortals.

What We Learnt From Team Liquid’s Horror Movie

That Dardoch holds Team Liquid in such low esteem is certainly understandable. His personal experiences within the team were laid bare for all to see, and whilst they certainly didn’t show the jungler in a particularly positive light, his frustrations were certainly justified to an extent.

Leaving Team Liquid for Immortals and since joining Counter Logic Gaming, the TL organisation have done little to rebuild their credibility within the North American League of Legends scene.

The team have been highly criticised for their player management in the Summer Split, with even Riot Games broadcasters airing their frustrations with the organisation:

Combined with the convenient Yiliang “Doublelift” Peng loan from Team SoloMid to avoid relegations and the team’s lack of initiative during the mid-season break, Dardoch’s lack of respect for the Team Liquid organisation is a sentiment shared by many NA LCS fans.

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