A Scandinavian Affair: Sweden vs Norway all-time XI

Adam Brown

Much like games between the home nations, matches which involve two teams of the same region always carry that little bit extra amount of expectation. With Sweden set to play Norway, both sides will be playing for the rights to call themselves the best footballing nation in Scandinavia.

To give some indication in regards to which team is most likely to win – we’ve created an all-time XI of both nations, the team will be setting up in a 3-5-2 system: but which country will have most representatives?

While it’s Sweden that make-up the majority of the attack, it seems that Norway have had much better defensive players – even to the extent of Ronny Johnsen who although has been selected as a more defensive midfielder in the team, could also play at centre-back.

You could argue that both teams have suffered a decline in recent years – the loss of Zlatan Ibrahimovic was always going to be tough for Sweden to handle, but the emergence of Emil Forsberg has been a blessing for Swedish fans – their current side would look in trouble without the Leipzig midfielder who contributed massively to the Red Bull side’s 2nd place finish in the Bundesliga; eight goals and 19 assists. Sweden’s new star will certainly be on Premier League club’s radars this summer.


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