Douglas Costa to join Juventus; Premier League acts shocked

Bayern Munich’s chief full-back tormenter, Douglas Costa, has surprisingly become available this summer, and Juventus are reported to have agreed terms with the winger.

Whilst the two footballing giants haggle over the asking price – the Old Lady have offered £31million but the boys of Bavaria want £44million – Costa’s move to the Serie A champions is no surprise to anyone, unless you’re of the Premier League persuasion.

In recent weeks, the former Gremio player has been linked with a move to the Premier League, with the prospect of the Brazilian joining the top flight of English football an exciting one, with Tottenham Hotspur – we were told – heading the queue of English clubs.

And then, just like that, Costa heads to Italy, to the Champions League finalists, to play with the class of Buffon, Chiellini, Dybala and Higuain. And Spurs are left to still try and workout which player they can shoehorn into a wide area.

Like so many rumours nowadays, football journalists in England have a level of self-entitlement that is borne from the fact that they cover the self-righteous Premier League. They believe that, Costa just must want to come to England, because why wouldn’t any player?

To Costa, seeing column inches wasted on proposed moves to Tottenham or Chelsea, must’ve been amusing. The harsh reality is, Premier League clubs were never in the running, sure they may have slid into Bayern’s DMs, but they would’ve almost instantly been met with a crunching Arturo Vidal tackle.

The Premier League no longer sits at the top table; players like Douglas Costa don’t come to the Premier League.

There’s a new pecking order, and it’s one the Premier League fails to see.

Side note, though, Costa is available because Bayern signed Serge Gnabry ?!

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