A legend is born: a look at the team for Brazilian Ronaldo’s debut for Real Madrid

World-class footballers tend to come and go in the modern day, but in the 90s and 00s it took a lot to be considered a ‘superstar’. One such man who more than fit the criteria was Ronaldo, and yes – we’re talking about the Brazilian one.

In many ways fans of a certain generation probably enjoyed watching the old Ronaldo as opposed to Cristiano, probably because of just how ground breaking some of the things he was doing were at the time. There were no gimmicks, there wasn’t a pretty boy image – it was just one tremendously talented Brazilian showing the world why he was the best. Sound familiar?

One of the catalysts behind his success, and future legacy, was his tenure with Real Madrid. At the Bernabeu Ronaldo transformed himself from a world-class talent to someone who was in a league of his own, and we don’t say that lightly.

So how did it all start for Ronnie? With a 5-2 win over Deportivo Alaves of course, but let’s have a look at the other members of that illustrious team – news flash: Ronaldo started on the bench! But it didn’t stop him bagging on brace his debut!

If you look up the definition of an all-star team in the dictionary, there’s a good chance that this bunch will pop up. So many of these players have paved the way for the superstars of today, with Ronaldo in particular shining through as Real’s icon for many years to come.

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