Arjen Robben hints at retirement

Bayern Munich’s main summer plans involve replacing the deemed irreplaceable Phillip Lahm and Xabi Alonso. And next summer’s plans could already be of a similar ilk, with Arjen Robben hinting at calling it a day at the end of his current contract in 2018.

“I am approaching the end of my career, that is the reality

“More and more, I am starting to look forward to whatever is coming my way after my career.

“I am very relaxed, I am not worried too much about what will happen in 2018. I am just focusing on the here and now.

“The one thing I know for sure is that I will return to Netherlands after my career, to Groningen. I still have close ties with my boyhood club. I might be able to do something there.

“But I want six months away from the game first and just don’t do anything at all.”

Arjen Robben speaking to Kicker

Robben’s career is one only a few of his generation can claim to have bettered, with the World Cup perhaps the only missing component of a near perfect career.

However, and it’s going to be quite a common occurrence for footballers of the current generation, Robben will not be remembered.

Perhaps it’s because the Dutchman took until 25 to find a permanent home in Munich, or his diving antics rubbing up the Brexit Britain football fans the wrong way, but Robben’s rejuvenation of the goalscoring winger, no matter how commendable, won’t be featuring in any all-time XIs all too frequently.

Robben has maintained this innate ability to make a mockery of defenders, despite them always knowing what he’s going to do; the classic cut in and shoot (not sure Robben learnt it from Andros Townsend, though).

The greatest tormentor of full-backs will be confined to nothing more than a footnote in the history books. When in fact, he deserves recognition levels of that of Stanley Matthews.

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