Tim Sherwood and the joys of Schadenfreude

Joshua Byers

To say Tim Sherwood’s post-playing journey has been a “fall from grace” would be a massive oversight in the implication that he has ever been graceful off the pitch.

That being said though, it’s quite remarkable that somebody could go from coaching Spurs to being let go of by Swindon Town following their relegation from League One just three years later.

That’s right: in case you hadn’t heard, the most bizarre relationship in football since Abbey Clancy and Peter Crouch ended recently, as Swindon parted ways with the man known as ‘Tactics Tim’.

In fact, Tim made such an impression at the club that they’ve reviewed their whole hierarchy following his departure, if comments by owner Lee Power are to be believed.

“Tim’s gone.

[Director of football role] that’s gone.”

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Hard to take in I know, ladies and gentlemen, but it would seem that’s it. Tim is gone.

And the football world rejoiced.

On the off chance that some of you out there are for some incredible reason mourning his departure – outside of Bristol where his continued involvement in the club would be understandably pleasing – please, don’t.

If you’re reading this thinking it’s an acerbic, immature attack; well, it might be. The fact is though, Sherwood kind of deserves it.

This is a man who apparently befriended Tottenham chairman Daniel Levy and used that relationship to undermine Andre Villas-Boas, ousting the Portugese out of his job. It should be noted that’s a theory rather than fact, but certainly one the Shanghai SIPG boss seems to believe.

“Tim was not part of my team, but I already alerted the president that he was detrimental to the club.”

If you’re looking for more concrete evidence of his disagreeable personality, look no further than quotes from Football League referee Mark Brown, who described an altercation with Sherwood for which the former Aston Villa manager was suspended.

“After the half-time whistle, and as I was walking down the tunnel, Tim Sherwood of Swindon Town approached me and said ‘You’re the only fucker in the ground that’s f***ing seen it you f***ing mug’. He then started pointing aggressively in my face.

“I told him to calm down and stop pointing at me or he would be sitting in the stands for the second half. He then continued ‘I wasn’t even in the dugout you f***ing mug, and you would be doing me a favour’.”

…Or you could just watch any of his numerous infuriating post-match interviews, throwing his players under the bus repeatedly and refusing to apologise when he came under attack for doing so at Spurs.

So, could this be it for Sherwood? We hope not, for the a downward trajectory of Spurs-Villa-Swindon will surely result in a hilarious couple of next steps, and we don’t want to miss out on nuggets of wisdom such as:

“Get your players on who can unlock the door and sooner or later they will break the door down.”

Also, a managerial role might keep him off our TVs. Still, we can all take joy in the fact that his arrogance hasn’t paid dividends.

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