Cristiano Ronaldo makes ‘irreversible’ decision to leave Real Madrid

It’s that time of the transfer window again, where Cristiano Ronaldo is sulking and Manchester United fans start to believe that CR7 has any sort of emotional ties to Old Trafford, and will return.

Following Ronaldo’s desire to not be outdone by arch rival Lionel Messi, tax evasion accusations appeared in the Spanish press. It has been reported that Ronaldo owes €14million in unpaid taxes, which is the equivalent of a fiver to the footballer named the richest in 2016.

Of course, if these stories turn out to be true, Ronaldo will be sentenced to 729 days in prison; oh wow, would you look at that, that’s just one day short of a sentence that would actually see him go to jail.

As Lionel Messi conveniently found out, in Spain, first offences, that are sentenced to under two years, are served on a probation.

Several Portuguese press are reporting that Cristiano Ronaldo has made an ‘irreversible’ decision to leave Real Madrid, though, as the toys get thrown out of the pram by Ronaldo for the 32nd year in a row, of the 32-year-old’s life.

Ronaldo won’t be leaving, but if here to depart the Bernabeu, the options for the greatest of all time won’t be too appealing for him.

Of course, Ronaldo’s PR-friendly lies about having his heart in Manchester are nonsense – the United fans booed him on his final game but don’t shout it too loudly, they get upset about it – and that pretty much leaves Major League Soccer, the Chinese Super League or Paris Saint-Germain; three options of a very similar level of football.

PSG will get CR7 one day, and irrelevant of age, Ronaldo will score an obscene amount of goals, and he’ll continue to be able to tell himself he’s fantastic in the mirror, whilst surrounded by wallpaper with his own face on.

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