The Revolting Rams: A look at Derby County’s 07/08 Premier League debut

Derby County are a historic football club within the realms of English football, but unfortunately their most recent stay in the Premier League didn’t really do them justice. In fact, they ended up with the lowest points total in the history of the division – which is something that their fans won’t appreciate us reminding them of.

Still, in August 2007 the Rams were full of hope and optimism as they headed in their opening day clash with Portsmouth (who had questions to answer of their own with Harry Redknapp at the helm). In a hard fought affair Matt Oakley and Andy Todd secured a point for County in a 2-2 draw, but little did they know that it was all downhill from there.

In what is quite simply a baffling statistic, SIX of the members in this squad were loaned out during the season. Six. Almost half of the 16 individuals we’re about to name and shame flew the nest, leaving the sinking ship that was Derby County Football Club.

Brace yourselves, this is a tad brutal.

Whether you think that’s the most depressing line-up of all time or not, you’ve got to admit that Derby showed some steel by sticking it out throughout the campaign and not dropping even further down to the third tier. That sounds like a ridiculous form of praise, but seriously, 11 points should be enough to drive anyone to an early retirement.

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