Serie A’s German sons

Julius Östermann was the first in 1905 when he pitched up to play in attack for the Naples Foot-Ball & Cricket Club and Oliver Kragl the most recent when he joined Frosinone in 2016 – we are of course talking about German footballers in Italy.

Indeed, the history of the Italian game would be much poorer without the strong German presence that’s been an influence for more than a century now.

Dozens of German players have found fame and fortune in Serie A and the Italian game has benefitted in return from their collective professionalism, discipline, physical prowess and adaptability. Who the best German import to Serie A has been is down to your own individual taste of course, so we’ve produced a gallery of the players we think are the strongest to have graced calcio to help you decide. Our team is set out in a rakish 3-4-3 formation.

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