Gerrard has named his best Liverpool XI and of course it’s up for debate

Adam Brown

Steven Gerrard has put together his greatest Liverpool XI from the Merseyside legend’s playing career. As expected, the team includes some of Liverpool’s best ever, but not all the selections are as you might have predicted.

The team has been set up in a 4-3-3 formation.

It’s a strong side in fairness, but it would be fairly difficult to fit Gerrard’s front three in, given that they are, all predominantly, central strikers. The former Liverpool captain probably just isn’t as pedantic as some of us here at CLICKON.

Certainly, some Liverpool fans won’t be interested in seeing Fernando Torres in a red shirt again after his decision to move to Chelsea, but is it time to bury the hatchet? Probably, but it’s easy to say for neutral supporters who haven’t experienced a star player move to arguably their biggest rival in recent times. How many Arsenal fans have forgiven Emmanuel Adebayor or Robin van Persie? Gunners fans understand.

Another obvious point up for discussion is the inclusion of Glen Johnson. To be fair, the former Portsmouth full-back is probably being judged a little harshly against his years where he was past his prime; if we consider Glen from his earlier days at Anfield, there’s probably a case to be made for his inclusion, but at the expense of John Arne Riise in the Norweigan’s favoured position is another matter.

If Gerrard was still playing for Liverpool today, It’s interesting to consider whether any of the current squad are deserving of a place in the XI. If Philippe Coutinho and Sadio Mane improve further, it wouldn’t be surprising to see them in every Liverpool best Premier League XI for the next few decades.

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