From Buenos Aires to Barcelona: Six decades of Argentinians in Spain

A gallery featuring a selection of the very best Argentinian players to have plied their trade in La Liga since the 1950s. And what a selection this is, featuring as it does three of the very best attacking players in the game’s history.

Maradona, Messi and Di Stefano: so good that Di Stefano is positioned deeper in midfield where he was equally imperious. 1978 World Cup winner Mario Kempes steps in to play at centre-forward instead.

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This entire line-up could have consisted of just great forwards but instead this is a team with proper balance and a good mix of defensive and attacking player – as every good team needs.

It would hypothetically play in a 3-4-3 formation to get the best out of the selected players and with that attack the surely the goals would flow like water!

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