Oscar banned for eight games after kicking a football that was in play

Shanghai SIPG’s, Oscar, has been handed an eight-game ban for his role in the brawl with Guangzhou R&F, that ended with two players being sent-off.

“Oscar is not a dirty player.

“I believe he was hoping to show some passion and fighting spirit. The match was very intense, and he wanted to help the team. But of course I believe this kind of conflict should be avoided.”

Andre Villas-Boas

The former Chelsea midfielder is accused of disrespecting Shanghai’s opponents, with Oscar twice kicking the ball, with force, at near point blank range, against two Guangzhou opponents.

Assuming you’re a reasonable human being, you can tell from the video below that Oscar does intend to wallop the ball against the opposition. But of course, he’d argue differently. And there’s really no way to prove the intent, apart from an Oscar confession.

On both occasions, the ball is in play, and no harm is caused to the Guangzhou players.

It’s a dangerous precedent set by the Chinese footballing authorities; where do you draw the line? If a player deliberately kicks the ball at an opponent in order to win a corner, is that disrespectful? Is that excessive force?

Ignoring that the fine isn’t even two hours wages for Oscar, the hefty ban is somewhat refreshing, though. Because surely it means, for the first time in football, in China, if you commit a Luis Suarez bite or make racist comments like John Terry, you’ll receive a ban more befitting of the crime.

An eight-ban ban for barely anything, leads you to believe that a genuine breach of the law could see players banned for a whole campaign.

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