Pro Evo names through the years

Josh Challies

Pro Evolution Soccer may have lost its claim to be the most popular football game out there in recent years but a decade ago the Konami title was adored by football and gaming fanatics.

What Pro Evo lost in licenses, with rival title FIFA snatching the naming rights for players, clubs and leagues, Konami’s gameplay was regarded as second to none and the team added some interesting approaches over the years- with personal favourites being the ability to create your own team, diving and custom celebrations.

As mentioned, though, naming rights consistently slipped through the grasps of the Japanese company and it led to some very amusing names for some of the world’s finest players. Here’s a selection of the very best of them!

Apart from being a commentators nightmare, these players are remembered fondly in Pro Evo folklore as the majority of them were at the peak of their careers during the summit of Konami’s success and fans will have their own stories on each player.

If you ask us, this should be customary in football and we should be allowed to make up names for everyone. After all, football has got a bit too serious and we all need to have a bit of a laugh now and again.

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