Parma: A phoenix from the ashes

Joe Parker

One of the most successful and romanticised clubs in Italian history has faced a calamity of financial errors since the mid 2000s. But, as the club continues its rise from the ashes through two consecutive promotions, CLICKON looks at the last team they fielded in Serie A.

The writing was really on the wall in 2004, when the Parmalat scandal meant insolvency for the former European Cup winners. Years of turbulence followed with a revolving door of managers and owners, finally culminating in Parma being docked points in the 2014-15 season and subsequently being relegated.

Facing debts of over £200million, Parma were forced into bankruptcy and re-founded that July; a truly remarkable story. The details of which reveal the fragility of football teams even in the best leagues in the world.

But back-to-back promotions through Serie D and Liga Pro, mean that Parma will play in Serie B this coming season.

Rising back through the Italian leagues from the charred ashes of its former self. Who were the players that played in the last game before the club’s meltdown, and where are they now?

With alumni like Asprilla, Crespo and Buffon, not to mention a legacy of European and domestic success, Parma’s emergence from their destruction is a welcome sight for the footballing world. With the potential of returning back to Serie A next season and a balancing of finances, Parma look to be on the right track.

With all too often teams in the best leagues in the world facing financial insecurity due to poor ownership. Parma’s destruction must come as both a warning and an example of what can happen to a once great club. Their recent ascendence, however, shows that regardless of its demise, Parma’s potential to return to where it belongs, is still alive.

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