Breaking the bank: the most expensive 30 and over signings

Guy Lambert

With a transfer market that seems to be forever inflating, player price tags have been on the up, regardless of the footballer’s age.  But who are those expensive signings that have made clubs break the bank and pay record transfer fees for players aged 30 and over?

In the modern game, it is commonly players who are yet to reach their prime and ultimate potential that demand the highest transfer fees. A club will pay sizeable fees for expensive signings if they believe they will get a substantial return for the players either in the market or on the pitch.

Manchester United didn’t pay almost £90million for Paul Pogba with the intentions of keeping him in the reserves and and using his name to sell shirts! Unlike a fine wine, it’s presumed players don’t get better with age, (unless you are maybe Zlatan Ibrahimovic). But there are also players at the other end of the scale that have been purchased for large sums of cash, in the hopes of bringing improvement to a squad one way or another.

Here are the top ten players 30 and over who made clubs break open the piggy bank so they would pull on their jersey.

With the 2017 summer transfer market opening on the first of July, and with Cristiano Ronaldo looking for a move away from Madrid, Gabriel Batistuta’s long reining record may well be broken, and quite considerably over the next few months.

One thing is definitely for certain. With transfer market inflation, and more money being invested in football, the price of players over the age of 30 is only going to rise higher and higher.

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