Paris Saint-Germain’s eSports Future In Doubt As They Drop Out Of The EU CS

It doesn’t matter that you have the legend of Bora “Yellowstar” Kim as your ‘Head of eSports’ ,or that you can afford the most expensive video production in the region, if at the end of it all, you fail to win a single game in the European Challenger Series.

Paris Saint-Germain future in the eSports scene will need to be deliberated in a club boardroom, with the League of Legends roster having once again fallen short in their attempts to reach the promised land of the EU LCS.

PSG eSports have failed to pick up a single win in the Summer Split of the Challenger Series, despite attempting to strengthen their roster having narrowly missed out on promotion in the spring.

Source: PSG eSports

Anchored to the foot of the table and with just a single fixture remaining, PSG eSports are guaranteed to drop out of the Challenger Series at the end of the Split.

Should the team’s management deem the venture to still be worthy of investment, the team will have to reestablish themselves within the EU CS by persevering in the Challenger Series qualifiers.

PSG eSports, alongside either Origen, Team RB, or Wind and Rain. will drop into the tournament to fight to reclaim their spot.

The two teams who avoid survive the tournament will join Schalke 04 and Giants Gaming in the playoffs for a chance to feature in the EU LCS at the start of 2018.

Source: PSG eSports

Despite many expecting big things from the football club, PSG has experienced a difficult start to life in the EU CS after entering the scene back in October 2016. Defeat at the hands of Fnatic Academy ended any hopes of the team reaching the EU LCS at their first attempt.

The team brought in AD carry Tomáš “Nardeus” Maršálek and support Lewis “NoXiAK” Simon Felix to bolster the roster at the beginning of the Summer Split, though this has failed to deliver the desired effect.

Unable to win a single game by the second week of the Summer Split, PSG added another former Fnatic member to their squad, replacing Noxiak with support Johan “Klaj” Olsson.

PSG eSports was initially expected to become a dominant force in European eSports, now the team’s very survival has been brought into doubt.

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