In Pictures: CLICKON eSports’ NA LCS Mid-Split Power Rankings

As we pass the halfway point of the North American League Championship Series Summer Split, now is a good time to reassess where the teams stand in relation to each other. While some teams have met or exceeded early expectations, others have failed to even come close.

On the heels of Rift Rivals, the NA LCS looks stronger now than it may have ever been before. With a cluster of teams near the top of the standings, there are multiple organizations who are still in contention to claim the NA LCS crown.

CLICKON eSports takes a closer look at the teams who have dramatically different trajectories halfway through the Summer split.


On The Rise – Phoenix1


Source: Riot Games

Phoenix1 announced to the League of Legends scene that they were once again a team to pay attention to after a 4-2 record in the group stage of Rift Rivals.

Energized by the arrival of rookie jungler Michael “MikeYeung” Yeung,  Pheonix1 have taken a complete turn from their significant early struggles.

Where they had previously failed to find any chemistry trading between junglers Rami “Inori” Charagh and William “Meteos” Hartman, MikeYeung has stabilized the Phoenix1 roster with his aggressive and overpowering jungle playstyle.

Already drawing bans for his pocket pick of Nidalee, MikeYeung has helped multiple members on Pheonix1 regain their rhythm. Top laner Derek “Zig” Shao has significantly improved his play working with MikeYeung, and AD Carry No “Arrow” Dong-hyeon returned to his MVP form at Rift Rivals with the highest KDA of any player at the event.

If Phoenix1 can maintain their momentum from the past few weeks, they are the team to watch moving forward that could upset the top teams in the standings.


Falling Down (Again) – Team Liquid


Source: Riot Games Flickr

As the meta has shifted to a more bot-centric playstyle, this was supposed to be Team Liquid’s split to show the strength of their original roster.

With a lineup built around star ADC Chae “Piglet” Gwang-jin and former MVP Kim “Reignover” Yeu-jin, Team Liquid has failed to deliver on the promise of what could have been. Desperate to find any momentum, Team Liquid has made multiple roster changes already this split, starting eight different players over the first five weeks.

For Team Liquid, a playoff spot may already be out of reach. Alone at the bottom of the standings with a 2-8 record, Team Liquid would likely need to nearly win out to steal a playoff position.

With this in mind, Team Liquid should begin looking towards the future, determining which players they feel should be a part of the organization moving forward and working to develop them. This should also be a time to reflect on their organizational issues, something that replacing players will not fix and will require much more time and attention to solve.


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