SPOOF: ArsenalFanTV reacts to Alexis Sanchez’s departure to Manchester City

Adam Brown

Arsenal Fan TV’s YouTube channel is in jeopardy, following the departure of Alexis Sanchez to Manchester City for £50million plus Nolito.

The recent video by the channel resulted in complete mayhem, breaking numerous YouTube rules – the channel has now received strike number two and is one strike away from closure.

CLICKON Soccer caught up with Robbie to shed light on the situation.

*Loud bass vibrations as Robbie pulls up blasting RnB music from his Rolls*

*Turning down Usher*

“Personally, I think ArsenalFanTV deserve a chance to defend themselves against the strike. It wasn’t completely our fault – when Ty said he was pleased that Alexis had gone, and that we could use the money on players to win the league, well, this is where things went a bit pear-shaped.”

Robbie – ArsenalFanTV

We’re not surprised by Ty’s optimism here, but reports suggest that Ty’s suggested replacements exacerbated an original fracas. So who were they?

“Nolito is a player I rate a lot, he will certainly replace the gap left by Alexis. But also, £50 million means we can use the profit to put together a big fee for a huge signing – I’m thinking that Wenger will target Bale and Lewandowski.”

*Sips juice*

Ty – ArsenalFanTV

In a fit of rage, Claude took Ty’s bottle and slammed it down on the floor before sending a chop to his chest. Robbie was left helpless holding the equipment as both Claude and Ty were stood exchanging chops and slaps, outside the Emirates.

Order was mercifully restored after DT delivered a double DDT to both men simultaneously – knocking off Ty’s headphones in the process.

*Shaggy – It wasn’t me playing in the background from Ty’s hanging headphones*

I’m sick of all this fighting between fans. Alexis is a snake, but can we be surprised? Kroenke and Gazidis are to blame. Wenger is to blame. Me and Troopz warned you this would happen.

Ty, do you really think our owners will invest 200 million to bring in Gareth Bale and Robert Lewandowski? The Polish forward who was part of a team that beat us 10-2 last season. As Claude said, get real.

DT – ArsenalFanTV

As only a short clip, yet, such swift action by YouTube, we can only assume that the hosting company also punished ArsenalFanTV for Ty’s music which caused the video to breach copyright.

Despite a slightly over-the-top handling of the fracas between Claude and Ty, it was unlikely that the ‘fight’ between the infamous duo would have stopped anytime soon. Effectively, but for Mr DT’s presence, ArsenalFanTV would have been shut down for good.

Could Robbie have done more to prevent the situation? Probably, which has caused some accusations on social-media that the host only cares about views.

We intended to query Robbie further on the events which unfolded, but he seemed to be in a rush to leave – it’s unclear whether the host’s swift exit had any relation to the HMRC van which had just pulled over in-front.

CLICKON attempted to speak with Troopz, but, again, he was unavailable.



Is this clique or click soccer again, fam? what did I tell you before? Leave me alone blood, I’m chilling in the off season fam. Hamroll journalists.

*Hangs up*

Troopz – ArsenalFanTV




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