Inflation: How much would big money signings of yesteryear cost now?

Hold onto your hats everyone. Don’t expect to just see the likes of John Stones and Fernando Torres making up the top of this list with the current mega money signings of the Premier League paling in comparison to some of the players bought many years ago that have seen their transfer value rocket.

Incredibly, Paul Pogba doesn’t even make the top five on the list, with his transfer value remaining the same, although some may cite he should have depreciated in value following an underwhelming first year in the Premier League. Get ready for some properly classic Premier League stars that would break the bank if they were around today:

You can forget the likes of Pogba and De Bruyne then, with the oldies really proving to be the goldies. The list is adorned with goals, creativity and trophy winning power. While the Premier League has really exploded in terms of just how much they spend on players, the current market value of many that have already retired would smash the world record paid for Pogba.

Interestingly, the most expensive player in the world would not be a winger as with Cristiano Ronaldo and Gareth Bale, nor a midfielder such as in Pogba’s case, but instead a defender. Maybe Ferdinand should consider dusting his boots off…

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