WATCH: H2K Jankos Gets Outplayed By Minions During EU LCS Clown Fiesta

The EU LCS returned after Rift Rivals with its competitors knowing they had a lot to work on. Yet H2K-Gaming, arguably the league’s biggest advocates for executing perfect macro, would instigate the process with a clown fiesta, spearheaded by jungler Marcin “Jankos” Jankowski.

Facing up against Team ROCCAT, H2K-Gaming were expected to blow away the cobwebs of an extended break with a comfortable victory.

The win was easily attained by the World Championship hopefuls, yet it was far from comfortable viewing for European fans still licking their wounds.

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The inconsistent Team ROCCAT lineup looked rusty in the opening match of the series, committing basic mechanical errors as H2K pressed advantages across the map.

Jankos lived up to his reputation as ‘The First Blood King’, earning the first kill of the game after five minutes to set the snowball in motion.

Though their opposition continued to flounder, to H2K’s credit they persevered with their style of methodical, intense macro play, closing out the opening game in 26 minutes.

Game 1 provided a beacon of hope for the European region, so heavily criticised for their lack of macro awareness during Rift Rivals… but it wasn’t to last.

As Jankos unsurprisingly secured first blood to set proceedings in Game 2, the jungler committed one of the biggest facepalm moments of the season so far, outplayed by minions to level the score:

From that point onwards the game quickly descended into a clown fiesta, as both sides traded kills and played out a match better suited to solo queue than the professional stage.

Though the game provided fantastic entertainment value, it would have been far from the calculated and controlled style that Head Coach Neil “Pr0lly” Hammad would have been hoping for.

Despite the chaos, H2K would garner a 5,200 gold lead by 17 minutes, acing their opponents following a Andrei “Odoamne” Pascu triple kill just three minutes later. It would prove to be the fastest game of the EU LCS Summer Split so far, tied up in under 21 minutes.

Source: Riot Games Flickr

Jankos and the rest of the H2K-Gaming squad exited the stage laughing, an expression shared by any North American viewers who had bothered to tune into the broadcast.

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