Social Media Surprise: The accounts the top golfers on Twitter follow

It shouldn’t be surprising that, among the top golfers on Twitter, there aren’t very many active users of the social media service.

That whole ‘being good at golf’ thing takes a lot of time, apparently, and the total lack or reward/timesucking element of social has top players pretty dialled back.

Were it not for sponsors and the behest of the Tour, it’s likely most of these guys wouldn’t even be on social media. What’s to be gained, ultimately, beyond frustration? And any benefit from the ‘social’ element is eroded by the blandness necessitated by being a PGA Tour golfer.

That said, as long as a player is following more than one Twitter account, we can assume he has some agency in who he follows, and (periodically at least) scrolls his feed. So here are some of the more interesting follows from the best golfers in the world (based on the Official World Golf Ranking).

Note: Hideki Matsuyama isn’t on Twitter/pretty sure Mr. “I hate with my girlfriend” isn’t him. Although, if it is, this is arguably the greatest athlete Twitter ever.


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