Frustration Grows As Delta Fox Show Promise But Refuse To Practice

The Delta Fox ‘Stream Dream Meme Team’ had the chance to achieve something great, they still do. But at any level of competitive eSports, greatness requires hard work and dedication, attributes DFX are neglecting despite the growing frustrations of their loyal fans.

‘Practice makes perfect’: it’s the mantra that every aspiring competitor will be familiar with, especially those honing their skills in competitive eSports.

When the star-studded Delta Fox roster was announced, predictions for the new the NA CS team was a point of contention within the League of Legends community.

At the very least, the lineup of popular, veterans were expected to give it their best. Considering that the majority of the team are unwilling to give up stream time to practice, that doesn’t appear to be the case.

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The adoring fanbase of the Delta Fox roster were initially confident of immediate success, having witnessed the lineup of former pros crushing solo queue opposition on their Twitch and YouTube channels.

Though the team had five former pros that were doing well in solo queue, they lacked the cohesion and strategy to produce a competitive performance.

This was a feature that could only be improved through collective practice, but this – as top laner Marcus “Dyrus” Hill would later reveal on stream – was a sacrifice many of the team were unwilling to make:

“I can’t do anything to fix it, I already tried a bunch of things.

“Two weeks in I was like: ‘Hey guys, I’d be down to give up my stream time to practice’, but everyone said nahh.

“So I was like: ‘Okay’. That’s it.

“It’s sad because I feel like if we actually practiced we could actually do good… but oh well.”

Marcus “Dyrus” Hill

Delta Fox came close once again to securing a series victory in their matchup against Tempo Storm, but ultimately the NA CS trend would continue as the star-studded roster ended the day with an 0-10 record.

After initially making waves with their roster announcement, Delta Fox’s popularity has been slowly declining as the Summer Split has progressed.

The novelty factor is beginning to wear off. Fans no longer feel incentivised to watch a team that loses every series, instead becoming increasingly frustrated in the knowledge that the roster are doing very little to improve their chances.

Fans will not feel inclined to support the Echo Fox organisation if they consider their Challenger Series team to be making a mockery of the league.

The Delta Fox project was never anything other than a publicity stunt, at first garnering significant traction for the parent organisation. In the long run however, the attitude of the Delta Fox lineup risks doing more harm than good.

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