Breakout year: The Premier League’s next stars

Tom Dunstan

Every club and every fan love seeing a breakout star; whether it be a local lad coming through the ranks, or a new signing who just hits the ground running, we all want to see one of our own stealing the headlines. 

With the likes of Marcus Rashford bursting onto the scene and the introduction of the u23s Premier League; every club is looking to recruit the stars of tomorrow. As for this season, here’s a look at 20 players who could stamp their mark on England’s top tier.

Only time will tell how they fair against England’s elite, but one thing is for sure, all have more than enough talent and ability to stamp their name on the Premier League.

It’s also worth noting, for all you fellow Fantasy League addicts out there, when that time comes and we are down to our final pennies, look no further than one of our breakout stars, they could really help pick up some vital points!

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