The best football channels to watch on YouTube

Gone are the days when football fans had to use their imaginations to try and picture goals from the past and the immediate present. The wonders of the world-wide-web now means that they can check out a goal minutes – sometimes seconds – after it has been scored either on social media or YouTube.

Most of the time these goals are immediately taken down due to those pesky licensing laws. But there are actually a number of YouTube channels that can provide hour after hour of delight for football fans. Luckily for you we’ve already traipsed through the website and found the best it has to offer. You can take a look at them below.

Classic Football TV

A mixture of feature length games, six or seven-minute highlights, and then extended packages that stretch between 20 to 30 minutes, Classic Football TV has well over 200 videos for you to peruse through. It’s not just Premier League football, too, there are international games, and random matches from across Europe that are several decades old. I usually stick to the highlight packages, myself, but football hipsters will have a field day with the full extent of what’s on offer.

Sports Fun City

A prior warning is necessary here, because a quick click onto the above will immediately see you greeted with salacious videos about “beautiful” and “sexy” women in sports. If you’re after such substance, surely there are better places on the internet to find it? Those of you after football videos simply have to scroll down to find a hoard of Football’s Greatest Teams and Football’s Greatest Players videos, which provide 25 minute recaps of the best the sport has ever offered. Steve Jolley has a few more once you’ve run out, too. It is perfect hangover viewing. No, not the beautiful and sexy videos.


While WOODDDDDDDYASOCCER3 is easily the stupidest name out of all of these channels, it actually possesses some killer content. Sure, there’s not a lot of it. But there is a 20-minute piece on Brian Clough, who is always a delight to watch, and nostalgic look backs at Manchester United and Liverpool’s trips through Europe in the 1950s an 1960s.

But the real reason you need to check out WOODDDDDDDYASOCCER3 is the fact it possess 94% of the one of the greatest football documentaries ever created. Hugh McIlvanney’s Busby, Stein & Shankly explores the lives, careers and links between the trifecta of managerial titans over three, one hour instalments in an intelligent and thorough manner. You’ll be left heart broken that one of the nine-minute segments is missing, but still thoroughly satisfied at what it shows you.


This one is primarily for Manchester United fans, as it has just over 30 videos of some classic and random games from the club’s most recent past. They all have digestible running times, too, and feature some memorable strikes and moments, especially from, you guessed it, Wayne Rooney. It’s also been regularly updated every week or so in the last few months, so hopefully it will continue to put up new content in the future, too.


While the vast amount of fan TV channels offer sensationalised viewpoints that you just can’t help but hate watch, there are one or two legitimate football channels that provide a varied and reasoned response to games. Copa90 is the pick of them, not just because new videos are put up on a daily basis, but there’s also some truly impressive and enlightening short documentaries on there that are well worth your time. There’s some solid hate watch material in there, too.



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