Ray Wilkins completes the quickest game of ‘Brexit Bingo’

Anyone up for another game of ‘Brexit Bingo’?

It won’t be long until you get a full house, with talkSPORT host, Alan Brazil, interviewing Ray Wilkins – that’s your bingo tile nearly filled in.

Rangers’ exit to the fourth best team in Luxembourg was scandalous; a dark day for Scottish football – side note: people have been calling it one of the most humiliating nights in European football for British football. However, is anything expected of Rangers? Nope. Does anyone really care outside of Rangers FC? Nope. Are we all pretending to be disgraced by the defeat because of our self-entitlement when it comes to just how good British football is? Yep.

Ray Wilkins is leading the charge of the outrage,  whilst he, Alan Brazil and chums reminisce about the glory days when Rangers had the English fan favourite, Brian Laudrup. And Celtic were falling in love with the Scot from Inverness, Henrik Larsson.

“It’s absolutely disgraceful. You can’t be knocked out at this stage.

“A club with the stature of Glasgow Rangers going out to a side from Luxembourg, it’s atrocious.

“For me, the manager has brought in too many foreign players.

“For me, it’s Brits, it’s Brits all the way. It’s the same in the Championship – if you can get good Brits in the Championship then you’ve got a good chance of getting up into the Premier League.

“Rangers have brought in a lot of foreign people who don’t quite understand the ferocity of Scottish football.”

Ray Wilkins

Thankfully Ray Wilkins and his mate Paul Merson haven’t given their opinion on Arsenal breaking their transfer record for ‘Alex Lucozade’ when ‘good, British strikers like Charlie Austin are available’.


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