Marko Marin: What became of ‘the German Messi’?

Harry Burford

Despite their current status as well-deserved Premier League champions and the ongoing wealth of resources on offer at their club – Chelsea’s often bolshie and somewhat bull-headed approach within the summer transfer window hasn’t always worked wonders down at Stamford Bridge.  

Far from it in-fact. For every successful big-money signing landed by the Blues in recent years – such as Diego Costa, Eden Hazard and the imperious N’Golo Kante to name but a few – the Stamford Bridge faithful have witnessed a whole host of remarkable top flight talents depart their club for all manner of baffling and inconceivable reasons.

The likes of Kevin de Bruyne and Mohamed Salah have subsequently returned to the Premier League with hopes of toppling their former employers among the upper echelons of the English top-flight, whilst Romelu Lukaku looks set to re-join Jose Mourinho at Manchester United with the aim of defying Chelsea’s lofty title ambitions.

Yet one player who most Blues fans probably won’t be missing any time soon must nonetheless arrive in the form of Marko Marin – the so-called ‘German Messi’, a man supposedly capable of tearing the English top-flight apart.

Great things were expected of the up and coming Bundesliga favourite when he first made the switch to Chelsea back in the summer of 2012, but after amounting less than five solitary Premier League starts to his name and enduring as many as four unsuccessful loan-spells away from Stamford Bridge, it seems as if the former German star has a long way to go before proving worthy of his notably awe-inspiring nickname.

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Marko Marin certainly portrayed himself in a rather promising light when he first joined up with Chelsea among the English top flight – that much goes without saying, but to deem the promising German talent as anything close to Lionel Messi-esque before he had truly proved himself upon the grandest club stage of all? It’s a notion that must go down as something of a crass overstatement in anyone’s books.

Although Marin shared a similar running style as the great Argentine talisman thanks to his pint-sized stature and diminutive frame, the now former Chelsea bench-warmer lacked the technical prowess and goalscoring attributes to really make an unrelenting success of himself within the Premier League.

He may have well taken to life among the English top flight with a great deal more fervour and intensity had he been plying his trade away from the often unforgiving realms of Stamford Bridge – but after having to deal with a string of mounting injury problems whilst working with the Blues – Marin’s difficult spell within the Premier League proved to be fleeting at best.

“I think it’s a positive thing and a compliment to say the way I play is like Messi. It’s a nice thing but nobody thinks really that it’s a real comparison between Messi and me – it’s only the style of football – I think that’s the only positive from the media and the fans.”

Marko Marin

The once widely admired Bundesliga star broke out at Werder Bremen alongside an enticing selection of future Premier League imports. Each of Per Mertesacker and Mesut Ozil were eventually tempted by the bright lights of the Premier League with moderate levels of success, yet unfortunately for the aforementioned Marko Marin, whose overall skill and talent was considered parallel to that of Ozil’s at the time – the quick-footed German winger was seemingly unable to apply himself with the same level of influence or aptitude.

In retrospect, the 2010 World Cup was supposed arrive as an all-important milestone in the career of young Marko Marin. With his quick turn of pace inside the final third, keen eye for a great pass whenever operating in enemy territory, and impressively deceptive movement with the ball locked firmly at his feet – Marin’s growing technicality was initially left unquestioned by some. There was nothing the ‘German Messi’ seemingly couldn’t do…

Yet whilst Mesut Ozil eventually stole the show for Germany and subsequently found himself working his magic in front of the prestigious Bernabeu faithful shortly after the 2010 World Cup in South Africa, the ‘German Messi’ failed to receive the desired game-time he wanted under Joachim Löw. It therefore comes as little surprise that the creative Bundesliga attacker also failed to make the grade at Stamford Bridge when all was said and done.

Today, however, Marko Marin has thankfully found himself a new club to play for, as well as a brand new set of fans to captivate all over again. After failing to impress at each of Sevilla, Fiorentina, Anderlecht and Trabzonspor in his four separate loan spells away from Stamford Bridge – the ex-German international now has a fantastic opportunity to reinstate his formally glistening reputation amid the Greek Super League with Olympiacos.

Marin already has one Super League title to his name with the domineering Greek champions – and as the Olympiacos faithful have started labelling the once famed Bundesliga favourite as their very own ‘German Messi’ in light of his former status within the European game – perhaps this latest Greek venture is just what the doctor ordered for the seemingly washed up Chelsea talent.

My new home ❤️??

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This was a player who many once held in extremely high regard after all. At the not so discouraging age of only 28 years old, maybe it’s only a matter of time before Marko Marin finally develops into the world-beating wide-man that many initially believed him to be.

Will Chelsea eventually regret letting the former Werder Bremen man leave under such unceremonious circumstances? It wouldn’t be the first time the Blues have come undone within the stark unpredictability of the summer transfer market. Not by a long shot…

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