Tyson Fury is no saint but at least he isn’t Anthony Joshua

Anthony Joshua, if you could design and carve out a perfect human to become a professional boxer, then the Englishman’s physique would be near on perfect – AJ is the closest thing the real world has to the Space Jam monsters coming to life.

Ahead of the much-anticipated fight between 41-year-old Wladimir Klitchsko and Anthony Joshua, Tyson Fury spotted the time to try and gain some relevance, refuelling the staged/genuine (delete as applicable) war of words with his fellow Englishman.

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Firstly, you have to question just how much Joshua’s eyes are on the prize of next Saturday against Klitchsko, with the 27-year-old happy to lower himself to such an illiterate, public and meaningless spat.

Fury would be the first to admit he’s a bad egg that has risen to the top of the boxing world. Therefore, Fury will be counting his lucky stars that he has managed to ‘hook’ the latest pin-up boy of boxing.

The Tyson Fury circus continues, with its ringmaster more than happy with the developments; Joshua a mere pawn in the Gypsy King’s ‘show’.

Joshua, a man who preaches the cliché nonsense of being #blessed, being humble and continues to throw out the usual diatribe regarding his family and upbringing, is no more of an act than Fury’s. However, the difference lies in the fact that Joshua is merely looking to please brands – and that is exactly why the boxing world will never get the fight they’ve been brainwashed into thinking they want, as the irreversible damage that will be done to Joshua’s image when he loses his contrived coolness at the first press conference with Fury.

Watch this…


…and now ask yourself, was the first 60 seconds of that clip a bloke genuinely acting? Or was the ease with which AJ switched on that ‘act’ a bit too unnerving?

With Fury, however, for all the showmanship, the core pillars of the man are ones you just know aren’t contrived – whether he’s right to believe what he does, is a different argument all together – but with his travellers upbringing, he’s been raised differently from the world he finds himself in; a gypsy in the real world is a difficult blend.

As the Twitter spat highlighted, Joshua is never, ever allowed to speak for himself, and the exchange over 140 characters with the Gypsy King showed why. Everything is written for him, from Eddie Hearn’s book titled: “How to make yourself marketable in the 90s”.

The sycophantic comments on Katie Taylor – who is fighting on the undercard of Joshua’s fight with Klitchsko – during the Haye versus Bellew fight were vintage Eddie Hearn:

“The angels of the boxing arena are shining a light down on Katie Taylor”

Anthony Joshua

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Joshua represents everything this deluded modern day world believes they should be celebrating. And granted, it’s hard to celebrate Tyson Fury, but it’s even harder to celebrate Anthony Joshua; a perfect design of all the flaws in the 21st century western world.

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