The most common words associated with your club

Tom Dunstan

For some of us, someone criticising our club is almost considered blasphemy. But, as football fans we all have an opinion on every other club, from Swansea to Stoke or from Liverpool to Leicester, we have an opinion on the fans, the manager, and even their ground. There are some put in the “Meh, they’re alright” category and there are some we just despise! 

“Embarrassing”, “Bitter” & “Boring” here are the three most common words associated with every Premier League club.

Football is a fickle old game and as fans, we have developed a thick skin over the years. But, it is interesting to see exactly what the rest of the footballing world thinks of us.

Besides, speaking for all the other West Ham fans out there, after dealing Carlton Cole, twice, nothing can really hurt us.

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