Switching nations: players who have represented two countries

Tom Dunstan

With the international development of youth players starting at such a young age, you often see the stars of tomorrow having to pick their international allegiance early on. With the rules on whom eligible for who extremely open, we live in a time where even the Boateng brothers play for two different countries. 

Most recently the likes of Wilfried Zaha, Jack Grealish, and Adnan Januzaj have all had to make high-profile choices to where their international future lies. We would think that at a senior level when you represent your country, you stick with them? Right? But, here are six stars who have represented two different countries.

Once upon a time, a young Ryan Giggs played for England at Wembley, who will be the next footballing superstar to swap their allegiance?

Best get checking them family trees, guys; who knows, there could be a Gibraltar call-up waiting!

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