Durant realizes the hard way he and Russell Westbrook are no longer brothers

Asha Doucet

For some strange reason, Kevin Durant thinks he and Russell Westbrook are ‘still brothers’, or at least that’s what he’s been telling the media.

This, despite the fact that Russ has repeatedly dodged answering that exact question directly, noting that they haven’t even spoken since Durant’s departure from Oklahoma City to Golden State. In case Kevin is still clueless to how Russell feels about their relationship, he should peep Westbrook’s pregame outfit which was definitely a shot at him.

For anyone who doesn’t know, one of Durant’s hobbies includes photography. The ex-MVP most notably took pro shots of Super Bowl 50. Of course, social media took notice and got their troll on.

Now Russ can be added to that list as his “professional photographer” outfit is likely a dig at his old teammate and “brother” Kevin Durant. Of course, to end any speculation, Westbrook said the outfit was not a shot at Kevin.

There’s no story behind it…I wear what I want to wear.

Russell Westbrook

Even though Russ has denied any trolling intentions, there’s no way he just happened to wear an outfit in line with KD’s very public off the court passion right before a game against the Warriors in Oakland. C’mon man, who do you think you’re fooling?

Russell’s approach before the game solidifies what most of us already knew, there is bad blood between the two all-stars and KD is either oblivious to this or in denial.

KD can still feel like they are brothers, or maybe that one day they will be again, but to continually tell the media they are is quite tone deaf and may seem like a slap in the face to Westbrook. After all, wouldn’t you call someone you considered a brother to tell them you’re moving on to greener pastures? Apparently, not KD, who obviously has a skewed understanding of brotherhood.

In fact, since leaving OKC, Durant has been candid with the media about how he prefers the Warriors over the Thunder, because, you know, they play the game the right way. And although Durant has denounced the idea that he is taking shots as his old teammates, his willingness to praise Golden State has come off as just that, shot after shot.

So despite what Durant may think, Russell has taken KD’s comments as such and seemed happy to finally take a shot back at KD in the most Russell of ways—by saying absolutely nothing. Instead, he showed us all how he feels. Hopefully, KD gets the memo. And if he still wants to be brothers maybe he will respect that Westbrook just doesn’t brodie, and that’s okay.

Although the first meeting between KD and Russell went Golden State’s way, Russ definitely won the personal battle with his outfit jab. The both of them, however, left it all on the court as evident by their defense on one another.

With all that animosity, it’s hard to believe there is any brotherly love left between these two. They didn’t even acknowledge each other before or after the game. But hey, both guys have new brothers to go to war with and after their first battle on the court, KD may finally stop pretending; he and Russ are brothers no more.

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