Forgotten League One spells to Premier League stars

The Premier League has some of the best talent in the world. Many of whom, arrive in England with hefty price tags and fancy cars. But, as proven by many lower league players, it is in fact possible to work your way to the top.

Indeed, Premier League scouts often find the very best talent, but perhaps not instantly. The following stars all have one attribute in common: dedication. Their talent lay deep within their performances, but it took hard work at lower levels of the English league to make it to the top.

From cramped changing rooms with cold showers to the bright lights of the Premier League, moving from League One to the world’s most competitive league must have been a welcome culture shock. Playing in the lower leagues may indeed be a lower standard of football, but it almost certainly makes you appreciate the big time once you get there.

From the looks of where these League One players have ended up, the amount of money being spent in the transfer window this summer could be misplaced.

Daniel Levy, Tottenham Hotspur owner, has said that it isn’t “sustainable” to spend lots of money, and perhaps he’s right. The lower leagues have created many stars and there is no reason why that should end soon.

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