The Player And The Person : Problematic Dardoch Rejoins Team Liquid

Almost a year after the release of Team Liquid’s documentary “Breaking Point”, jungler Joshua “Dardoch’ Hartnett has returned to Team Liquid. The documentary highlighted Dardoch’s issues as a teammate and how they had spilled over into the organization, yet despite these issues, Team Liquid is willing to risk bringing back a player who has now been on three teams within a year.

As a player, Dardoch skills are rarely questioned. Winning NA LCS Rookie of the Split as a member of Team Liquid, Dardoch appeared to be the next star in NA. Touted as one of the most valuable players in NA due to his high skill level and resident status, Dardoch was a force on the rift with his carry playstyle. Despite the obvious talent, Dardoch had a destructive impact within the team atmosphere. These personality issues would eventually force Team Liquid to part ways with the young player.

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After departing Team Liquid, Dardoch accepted a three-year contract from Immortals with the promise a roster would be built around his personality and his talents. The three-year commitment was an indicator of not only how highly Immortals though of Dardoch as a player, but also their confidence in how they could help him with his issues as a person. Despite this, Dardoch would only last one split on Immortals before being traded to Counter Logic Gaming in a swap for jungler Jake “Xmithie” Puchero.

Dardoch’s time on CLG would be even shorter lived, as CLG decided to split ways with the jungler after just eight weeks of the split in favor of rising jungler Omar “OmarGod” Amin. In their official announcement, CLG made it clear Dardoch’s issues as a teammate had never gone away;

We won our two LCS Championships on the foundation of teamwork and an understanding that every individual had to sacrifice in order to work toward a common goal.

Over the course of the split, we found that Joshua “Dardoch” Hartnett did not align with our focus on teamwork and culture.

-Counter Logic Gaming Official Announcement

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CLG may have been Dardoch’s best chance to become the team player he needs to be in a league where the person has become almost as important as the player. His stubbornness and brazen attitude have cost him a golden opportunity to grow, and years from now this could be the moment he looks back upon and wonders what could have been.

The willingness to acquire Dardoch is also a puzzling move for Team Liquid, an organization that should understand how dangerous he can be to building a positive team environment. This is especially true considering recent comments by Dardoch about the Team Liquid organization, calling them “hot garbage” and criticizing the organizational structure.

Source: Riot Games Flickr

After promising to move forward in the off-season, signing Dardoch is a step backward for Team Liquid. As talented of a player as he is, the problems he brings to an organization are not worth signing him. The fact that he has now left three organizations in a year because of issues as a teammate should attest to this, and Team Liquid cannot risk damaging a team environment that has struggled all season. CLG made it very clear that Dardoch is still the same person he was when he left Team Liquid, and there is no reason to believe that will change.



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