The NHL equivalent of each Premier League team

Chelsea-Pittsburgh Penguins

The winners of their Championship in 2017, these two teams have been dominant in their sport as the premier teams in the league. This dominance has naturally attracted what some would term as a ‘plastic’ fanbase.

Of course, both teams have legions of fellow fans who stuck with them through the dark days. Both teams started their dominant streak through one moment in the 2000s. For Chelsea it was when Roman Abramovich bought the club and for the Penguins it was when they drafted Sidney Crosby who has gone on to become the best in the NHL.

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Tottenham Hotspur-Toronto Maple Leafs

It has been over 50 years since either of these teams has won a Championship. Despite that these two teams still gain massive fan support and mass media coverage. This lack of a Championship has made them the laughing stock of the league at times.

Although times appear to be changing for both sides; Tottenham finished 2nd the Premier League last season and have a vibrant side which will look to be up there again. Toronto have revitalised themselves with a core of young talent such as last season’s Rookie of the Year Auston Matthews along with William Nylander and Mitchell Marner.

Manchester City-Anaheim Ducks

Bit of a weaker comparison than the rest but both teams have been a major feature of the last ten years. In the upcoming season both are in with a shout of winning their Championship and will play an exciting brand of their sport on the way. Such is the salary cap in the NHL it is difficult to come up with a true comparison for free-spending City.

Liverpool-Montreal Canadiens

They both wear red, are among the most successful in their league and both have strong regional identity. Admittedly the Canadiens could be also compared to Manchester United but these two share the fact it has been over twenty years since they won the Championship. They are also at similar stage at this moment in being a few star players short of being Championship-winning calibre.

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Arsenal-Washington Capitals

Every season these two teams are tipped by some to win the Championship and every season the outcome is failure to do that. For Arsenal, they usually enjoy a few months where they dominate and have their fans believing only to be heavily beaten by the likes of Chelsea.

In the case of the Capitals the regular season sees them land the Presidents Trophy but when it comes to the play-offs they seem unable to get past the force of the Pittsburgh Penguins.

Manchester United-Chicago Blackhawks

For a start their colours are very similar and both have been among the premier teams in their sport for almost 100 years. Manchester United are the most successful team in English football, while Blackhawks are an original six franchise and have been on top for much of the 2010s. In the last two seasons both have not always been up to the standard expected of them at times but are always in the conversation for winning titles.

Everton-Edmonton Oilers

These two teams enjoyed great success in the 1980s but have fallen away in the last 30 years. Currently Everton and the Oilers are outsiders in a league that is controlled by a few big teams. For the Oilers they have chance to break through that with Connor McDavid who is tipped to overtake Sidney Crosby as the league’s best player. As for Everton they can only hope they can strike an equivalent to Leicester or at last land the FA Cup.

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Southampton-Carolina Hurricanes

Both have some decent talent and can be enjoyable to watch. Admittedly they are both just shy of being a team that is competing near the top. Although big things should be anticipated for both in 2017/18.

Bournemouth-Columbus Blue Jackets

Both are relatively new to the league with Bournemouth arriving in 2015 and Columbus in 2000. They taken to it well and are among dark horses to do well in the near future. Bournemouth managed to finish 9th last season, while the Blue Jackets were unlucky to fall out in the first round of the playoffs to the eventual Champions Pittsburgh.

West Brom-Minnesota Wild

These teams don’t capture the imagination of many living outside their catchment but they managed to put together decent seasons. West Brom finished 10th, while the Wild lost out in the playoffs to St Louis Blues. Both are united by not having any big time names in their teams.

West Ham United- New York Rangers

These teams come from big cities and have large support but in terms of success they don’t have great deal to show for it. It is usually no surprise to see West Ham struggling near the bottom and the Rangers only have four Stanley Cups despite being in the league since the 1920s. Currently both can put on quality displays from time to time but genuine success is still sometime away.

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Leicester City-Nashville Predators

Their stories don’t exactly match up and don’t have the same outcome but there is a comparison. Leicester City won over the general public with their title win in 2016 while the Predators sold hockey to Nashville with their surprise run to the Stanley Cup Final. It was the first time these teams were noticed.

Stoke City-Philadelphia Flyers

These teams are renown for their physical game and their passionate fanbase. At the moment these teams could go any way, for Stoke it wouldn’t be surprising to see them finish in the top ten or go down. Similarly the Flyers who could make the playoffs or be bang average.

Crystal Palace-Winnipeg Jets

Equally as football mad and as hockey mad as each other, these two teams are relatively likeable. Probably because neither has come close to challenging near the top.

Swansea City-Arizona Coyotes

At times these teams feel like they are merely making up the numbers. They both rely on a Nordic player: for Swansea it’s Iceland’s Gylfi Sigurdsson and Arizona it’s Sweden’s Oliver Ekman-Larsson.

Burnley-Colorado Avalanche

No NHL team stacks up with Burnley, therefore, it is only logical to match up with a team that shares the same colours. Although both these teams are among the worst in their league so there’s another comparison.

Watford-Florida Panthers

Fairly anonymous sides from the South which could sneak into upper echelons of their league.

Newcastle United- Buffalo Sabres

Both from the North East in places where their sport is well supported. They both have questionable young players for Newcastle Alexsandar Mitrovic has been plagued by attitude problems and the same can be said of Buffalo’s Jack Eichel. Little will be expected of either team in 2017/18.

Brighton and Hove Albion and Huddersfield Town- Las Vegas Golden Knights

While Brighton and Huddersfield aren’t new to the top flight they are new to the Premier League. This means they enter as relatively unknown quantity. This is something they share with the NHL’s newest franchise. All three will be looking to settle in early, establish themselves and build up a larger fanbase.

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