Identity Crisis: Echo Fox Require Major Changes After Failing To Reach Playoffs

Echo Fox is the only organization in the NA LCS to have never reached the playoffs. The Foxes have once again been eliminated from playoff contention, an expected result considering there appears to be no clear direction for the organization on or off the rift. 

Despite starting the Summer Split with a 2-0 weekend, Echo Fox have stumbled to a 3-11 record since and fallen to to seventh place in the standings.

Now mathematically eliminated from the playoffs, Echo Fox are reaping the results of their inactivity between splits and poor organizational decision making.

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It was clear changes would need to be made to propel Echo Fox into playoff contention after placing eighth in the Spring Split. With a roster that had clear weaknesses, more often than not the results of their series seemed to be dependent upon whether or not team captain Henrik “Froggen” Hansen could carry the game from the mid lane.

Despite their obvious flaws, Echo Fox failed to make any significant roster changes between splits, instead relying upon the members of their former Delta Fox lineup to compete with their starters at each position.

Freely replacing members in almost every series, Echo Fox have utilized nine different players in the Summer Split as the every changing face of the roster struggled to establish a clear identity.

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Echo Fox’s management has continued to tinker with their lineup, they have failed to find a starting roster that has been able to produce the desired results.

With muddled drafts and no clear direction, Echo Fox has looked lost in-game as they try to push forward poorly constructed win conditions.

Some of Echo Fox’s issues may stem from a decision to alienate other NA LCS organizations and scrim only against the other members of their organization.

While Echo Fox may be able to control specific practice scenarios, they are put at a disadvantage by not being able to practice against other play styles or gaining insight into how other organizations are reading the current patch and meta.

Between splits, multiple roster changes will need to be made to Echo Fox’s starting roster. Instead of continuing to utilize the revolving door starting lineup they currently employ, Echo Fox must build a roster of starters beginning with the consistently strong mid lane presence of Froggen.

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With a deep champion pool and strong laning presence, Froggen is clearly the strongest player in the organization, but he needs the organization to step-up and build a solid infrastructure around him.

Now with almost a full year to adjust, top laner Jang “Looper” Hyeong-seok has not lived up to the expectations placed upon him; not playing at a level worthy of the import slot when rebuilding Echo Fox’s roster.

With the lowest KDA and kill participation score of any starting top laner, Looper has failed to make the impact expected from a former World Champion.

With one of the worst bot lanes in the NA LCS, Echo Fox will need to address replacing one if not both Yuri “Keith” Jew and Austin “Gate” Yu.

Despite improving since the Spring Split, a meta that has shifted more towards carry picks in the bot lane has proven just how deep of a liability the pair is to Echo Fox’s future success.

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Assuming Echo Fox are able to avoid relegation (an outcome that is far from assured), dramatic changes are needed between splits if Echo Fox desires to break their streak of splits without a playoff berth.

Froggen is a piece that Echo Fox can build around, and underperforming members must face the consequences after a year of mediocrity.

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