Mbappe to Real Madrid: The insane XI £160m could buy you

Josh Challies

Transfer fees in football have been ridiculous for a number of years now but things have escalated significantly in the past few summers, with Manchester United spending a world-record £89m to sign Paul Pogba last year.

Transfer records would previously stand for some time and a fee of almost £90m was almost unfathomable five years ago but we’re reaching the stage where good players cost an arm and a leg, with world-class players costing a club more than the residents of your own time will probably earn combined in their entire life.

Kylian Mbappe now looks to become the most expensive player in the world as widespread reports suggest Real Madrid will pay a staggering £160m to buy an 18-year-old forward who only made his breakthrough last season.

There is of course no denying the teenager’s talent and it’s certainly not his fault that he’ll command such a hefty price-tag but the general conception in modern football that the only way to improve is to spend heavily couldn’t be further from the truth.

Some of the best players in the world have been secured for minimal fees and it doesn’t take a nine-figure transfer sum to get you top-class players. In fact, the £160m Real Madrid are reportedly prepared to spend on Mbappe could buy the European Champions a phenomenal line-up, if they’d had their wits about them.

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Using the figures from TransferMarkt, the sensational XI assembled below comes in at an arrival cost of just over £160.33m. The team boasts an incredible 1,841 league appearances between them and a combined total of 536 league goals, with many of them still going strong to do this.

Whilst it’s obvious the fees for many of those players would be significantly higher in the modern era of football, it shows that bargains can still be found if you look in the right areas and splashing such an audacious amount on one player may not be the ideal course of action.

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