Splyce Drop Head Coach Gevous Ahead Of EU LCS Playoffs

After a difficult inaugural split in the EU LCS, Fayan “Gevous” Pertijs has been removed as Splyce Head Coach, effective immediately. Splyce co-owner Marty “Lazerchickenzzz” Strenczewilk released an announcement video to share the news ahead of the team’s forthcoming EU LCS playoffs.

Under the leadership of Jakob “YamatoCannon” Mebdi, Splyce attended the 2016 World Championship as Europe’s third seed, but were unable to escape a challenging group draw.

The organisation had hoped to build upon their previous success, but ended the 2017 Spring Split with a 7-6 record and in third place before losing to Misfits in the EU LCS playoff quarter-finals.

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YamatoCannon would leave to join Team Vitality during the mid-season break, as Gevous tried his hand at restoring the team’s standing within Europe.

Splyce is currently 6-4 in the Summer Split, on course for another good for another third place finish in Group B, but well off the pace of their World Championship rivals.

SPY is only 1-4 against the top four teams in the region, a point highlighted by Strenczewilk during his announcement video:

“As you can imagine, making a change middle of the split is a challenging one, to say the least.

“It requires us to really think about the impacts of keeping the same situation in place vs. making the change and whether there’s a net positive or a net negative.

“Obviously with the fact that we have a winning record, some people are going to ask ‘well why did you make a change?’ I would say that our biggest challenge is that we have an adequate record.

“Adequate is not a goal that Splyce ever has — just to be adequate, to be middle of the pack, to be ‘OK.’”

Marty “Lazerchickenzzz” Strenczewilk, Splyce CEO

Strenczewilk went onto explain that Splyce has struggled to break free of the issue that currently blights Team Vitality: comfortable against lower opposition, yet out of their depth against Europe’s best.

Team chemistry was also an issue plaguing the team setup. Strenczewilk explained that after some time spent with one another, the team management were unconvinced by any outstanding chemistry that would push the team forward.

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“There is always an initial honeymoon phase when any new person comes in, so it takes some time to see how things affect, and we had to see how Gevous worked with the players, how they interacted.

“In the beginning it was learning each other, but as time went on we realized that that chemistry wasn’t there, wasn’t building.

“He wasn’t the right style of coach, the right person to lead our organization in League of Legends.”

Splyce will look to appoint their new Head Coach within the week, dampening any potential damage caused by an internal reshuffle.

Last season’s World Championship attendee’s evidently still hold ambitions to compete on the international stage, though it looks unlikely that they will turn their fortunes around for a repeat appearance.

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