Angel Correa: Atletico’s rising star

Harry Burford

To be labelled the next best player worthy of setting the European game alight, a bright young prospect with all the talent and determination necessary to set themselves apart in the most divine fashion possible – is by most relevant accounts, to be handed something of a poisoned chalice.

Very few emerging talents ultimately survive such a mantle. In fact, as soon as any up and coming footballer is greeted with the supposed honour of representing the ‘next Lionel Messi’ or the ‘next Cristiano Ronaldo’, their collective fate upon the top flight scene suddenly becomes a whole lot more jaded. In the end, an overwhelming sense of pressure can often override simple talent and technique. That’s just the way it goes sometimes.

Yet within the midst of our current summer transfer window – a rather strange realm in which big money wage demands and overinflated transfer valuations often serve to present a scene of growing instability – another young star has seemingly emerged from the Spanish capital, with more than enough potent potential to get the big clubs talking.

Angel Correa is his name, and whilst it remains to be seen just whether or not the emerging Argentinian really has what it takes to solidify himself within our global footballing consciousness – this latest player to be named the ‘next Lionel Messi’ really could be on course for great things next season.

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Correa is a 22-year-old South American talent with all the apparent hallmarks of an emerging young star. The current Atletico Madrid playmaker impressed among the Spanish top flight last term, scoring four goals and registering eight successful assists despite receiving a noticeably limited array of game-time under Diego Simeone. He is agile, quick, can play in numerous attacking positions all along his respective forward line – and comes with mounting hype and sensation as a result of his growing talent.

The recent buzz and excitement surrounding the quick-footed Argentinian looks to be rather well placed, however. Although the attacker is yet to truly stake his claim as one of the most highly coveted players of his generation, Correa’s latest involvement with the Argentinian national squad can only hold him in positive stead.

Yet just what is it that makes this particular player such a promising asset? And why has Angel Correa suddenly sparked the interest of several elite European powerhouses in the wake of his recent blossoming among the Spanish capital?

Well, via his quick turn of pace inside the final third and alarmingly proficient ball-control in one-on-one situations, Angel Correa’s playing style has struck up numerous comparisons with some of the world’s very best players. In light of his dogged, hard-working approach with the ball at his feet, the 22-year-old talent has seen his name placed alongside that of Carlos Tevez – one of the most notorious South American frontmen to grace the modern game in recent years.

In terms of Correa’s keen eye for goal and insane dribbling ability in tight situations, however – the current La Liga favourite has been compared with both Sergio Aguero and Alexis Sanchez. With several top flight sides reportedly looking to acquire the services of Arsenal’s widely admired Chilean international this summer, perhaps someone like Angel Correa could well step up and begin to represent a worthwhile alternative.

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So then, as the ongoing summer transfer window is yet to reach its natural conclusion with the opening fixture of the 2017/18 campaign waiting patiently on the horizon – it comes as little surprise that Angel Correa has drawn supposed interest from all over the continent.

The likes of Sevilla and Liverpool seem well placed to land the young South American’s signature if recent reports are to be believed, but there nonetheless lies another – slightly less obvious destination for Correa, should the Argentinian international ultimately wish to leave the Spanish capital this summer.

The remaining interest comes from Newcastle United with Rafa Benitez down among the St. James’ dug-out – and whilst the up-and-coming winger probably never envisioned himself braving the cold winter months on Tyneside whilst growing up as a young kid in Rosario, Argentina – perhaps this latest unlikely transfer rumour could really work wonders in the long-run.

Newcastle United are a side looking to re-stake their claim among the English top-flight. The Magpies clearly lack the same level of prominence and prestige as Jurgen Klopp’s Liverpool for example, but they seemingly represent a side who can offer young Angel Correa unlimited game-time among the Premier League – something the determined Reds simply cannot guarantee.

Should Atletico’s rising star eventually end up on these here shores next season, then make no mistake about it – Premier League onlookers will certainly be in for a real treat. He may still represent an undoubtedly raw asset, but with enough attention and hard-earned game-time under his belt next term, there really is no telling just how far this guy can go.

Correa’s potential is boundless, his technique is already exquisite. Without adding to the already excessive hype-wagon surrounding many young stars in this modern footballing age, this is one player every self-proclaimed fan of the beautiful game must keep a close eye on this season. Diego Simeone would have to be somewhat mad to decide to let him go…

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