Golf’s Immortals: 5 Career Grand Slam winners and the 12 who are just short

Jordan Spieth will assume a spot among golf’s immortals with a PGA Championship win and the Career Grand Slam.

Spieth, if you were in a coma for the last month, won the 146th British Open, capturing the third leg of the Grand Slam in the process.

Rory McIlroy—you’re forgiven if you’ve forgotten—has had three of the four legs of the grand slam under his Nike Golf belt since 2013. McIlroy needs only his nemesis, the Masters, to complete the Slam.

Spieth and McIlroy are two of the 12 golfers who have won three of the four major championships. Who are the 10 others to make it three-fourths of way to golf’s highest summit?

Let’s flip through the dusty pages of the history of golf to answer that question and gaze upon pro golf’s most elite company: the handful of Career Grand Slam winners.


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