Franck Ribery shows true colors with Griezmann comments

Ethan Tait

Franck Ribery was touted as the next big thing to come out of France when he arrived on the world footballing scene with Marseille as a youngster that eventually secured his move to Bayern Munich. The Frenchman has always been a great footballer, but something has always been lacking. 

Ribery was supposed to take the crown as French superstar from the generation of Thierry Henry and Zinedine Zidane but failed to do so. Injuries and sex scandals hampered the winger’s ability to fulfill the high expectations that were set for him, but still, he never quite lived up to the hype.

Since his time with Les Bleus, a new generation of young footballers have jumped at the opportunity to make the French national team good again. The likes of Anthony Martial, Kingsley Coman, Alexandre Lacezette, and Antoine Griezmann have stolen the limelight away from the aging Bayern Munich man and Ribery isn’t taking it too lightly.

Griezmann has been fantastic for club and country with goals galore, but Franck Ribery is being a little salty in his old age and isn’t sold on his fellow countryman being a world class player.

Griezmann did a great job last season. But you have to consistently show performances like that if you want to be world class. People are so quick to say someone is a fantastic player and deserves to win the Ballon d’Or after just one good year. I disagree with that.

For me, you have to prove yourself over 10, 12 or 15 years if you want to be among the best. Do that and then I will congratulate you. I might have been out for nine months or so due to injury, but I have almost always been playing at the highest level over the past 10 years or so.

Franck Ribery

I agree with the point Ribery makes as Griezmann is new to being in the upper echelon of footballers in the world, but the elder Frenchman seems to be a little angry at his own shortcomings as a footballer.

Without injuries, it is possible that Franck Ribery joins the top players in the world, but the reality of the situation is that his health wasn’t the greatest at times and his career stuttered when most players are in their prime.

Antoine Griezmann is well on his way to becoming world class and should be considered one of the top footballers in a few years, whether Ribery likes it or not.

I would say words like this tarnish Ribery’s image, but his sex scandal already did that.

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