“Villainous” PSG Star Serge Aurier Saves Opponent’s Life On Pitch

Ethan Tait

Serge Aurier has been getting a lot of attention in the press for his lack of consistency, strong opinion regarding his coach on Periscope, and assaulting a police officer that gave him a two month prison sentence. In a sense, he’s a harder working version of Mario Balotelli. The PSG defender needed some good press to balance out his less than noteworthy antics of late. 

Aurier was gifted an opportunity not only to look good in the press, but also save another footballer’s life.

During Ivory Coast’s World Cup qualifier, Mali midfielder Moussa Doumbia started having an epileptic seizure and collapsed not too far into the match.

The seizure caused Doumbia to swallow his tongue and with death looming, Serge Aurier came to the rescue and saved Doumbia by pulling his tongue from his throat. A heroic effort in what was an important match for both nations on the road to Russia 2018.

Mali manager, Alain Giresse, had this to say following the match,

All the players realised that Doumbia was choking and was about to swallow his tongue. That’s when Aurier, with one of our players, quickly put him on his side and pulled out his tongue, because he was about to lose his life.

Alain Giresse

One might expect the manager that just had his player saved to be a little bit more appreciative and relieved that his player didn’t die, but Serge Aurier made a valiant effort to discount his good deed.

After playing good Samaritan in the 20th minute, Aurier was back to his villainous ways in the 31st minute of the game. The right back’s cross produced an own goal and to celebrate, Aurier pretended to slit his throat as a sign to the Mali fans.


Serge Aurier obviously didn’t think to hard about that celebration as Doumbia almost died on the field a mere 10 minutes beforehand. A very untimely choice of celebration to say the least, will he ever learn?

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