Football’s greatest right-hand men

Tamhas Woods

“Finally, last of all, bottom of the heap, the lowest of the low, comes the one, who in the end, we can all do without… the f****** manager!”

(Jim Broadbent as Derby chairman Sam Longson in The Damned United)

And then, even lower than that, we have assistant managers. The assistant is, in fact, so low, that they’re invisible – and therefore invulnerable to criticism in most cases.

But not invulnerable it would seem, to the plain sight of some suspect dance moves from the main man…

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Even when the team is experiencing success, fans only care to chant the name of their beloved manager while the going is fair.

These nine assistant managers all deserve recognition for their achievements in the backroom.

The idea of following someone around for your whole career, is a weird concept. But it makes sense in the sporting world; why wouldn’t you want to keep those you trust and respect around you?

And it’s not even assistant managers that just follow the likes of Jurgen Klopp around; it can quite regularly be everyone from coaches to the canteen staff!

Did we miss anyone out? Leave a comment, or see which other men may have been right for Leicester, as an alternative to Shakespeare.

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