Football’s inbetweeners: the top 15 who couldn’t cut the Premier League

Ben Mountain

As a footballer, it must be difficult to find and play at your appropriate level. For many, they’re just too good for one but not quite good enough for the other. How frustrating that must be.

Imagine growing up as an aspiring young footballer and training yourself to the imperious level of the professional footballer. Imagine working away all of your childhood for it.

Now imagine if you managed to make it and were signed up by a top professional club. Imagine being released by them for not quite cutting it.

Your next move would surely be to drop down a league and find your level, right?. Imagine being too good for that league, like a rubbish Zlatan in a poorer Ligue 1. A blue whale in a garden pond, if you like.

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Imagine spending the next 15 years of your life being completely inadequate at one level, but just too good for the other. Your career would be a dizzying mess of yo-yo-ing.

And no one would remember you at the end of it.

Well, fortunately for the sorts of players who did lead this dissatisfying career; someone does remember them. We at CLICKON have dug back through the uninspired annals of time and found you the top 15 players who never quite made it in the Premier League, but excelled in the Championship.

Enjoy. And spare a little room in your hearts for them. They were never quite there, but they tried. Bless ’em.

In order of tragedy:

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There they are. The poor buggers.

Let’s keep our fingers crossed that these men don’t bother making another attempt at Premier League success. It’s embarrassing for all concerned.


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