F1: Kubica Return Looking a Hell of Lot More Likely

Former F1 driver Robert Kubica has had his first proper Renault test in Hungary – and the Pole’s performance is already starting to impress.

All aboard the Kubica Hype train. Tickets are one-way and nonrefundable. Please enjoy your trip. All right folks, it’s become officially clear that the potential return to Renault for Kubica is very much real.

The long-absent driver sat in the current model of an F1 car for the first time since all the way back in 2011 following the horrific rally crash that saw him lose most of his motor function in his right arm.

Sticking to the script like any good comeback story, Kubica’s long break from F1 may as well have never happened. The Polish driver threw down 142 laps at the Hungaroring, picking up fourth-fastest of the day and causing any of his Polish follower’s panties to drop in excitement. Even the men.

Despite the incredible performance Robert put in, he of all people came forward to say that he was not as happy with his performance as he wanted to be. Ever the perfectionist, it appears that Kubica is wasting no time in pushing himself forward:

“Yes, [I’m happy] but not 100 percent happy. The biggest difference is this car has nothing similar or same as the cars I have been testing lately. When you have so many things that are different, it normally takes a bit of time to adapt.

Coming here, actually Nico Hulkenberg said the same, that once I will be able to drive here, probably I’ll be able to drive everywhere.

You can predict it wasn’t easy, which I’m not hiding, but it was good. I could drive, I think, tomorrow easily so fitness level is good, which is a good sign. There are sides which need to be improved or need to get better but it’s always like this.” – Robert Kubica

Robert went on to say that his time spent within Renaults 2017 challenger has proved to be an easy fit, as the team had to make no special adjustments to the car in order to accommodate him – leaving the Pole to spend the majority of his time working on adjusting throwing the much heavier car around the track.

Renault, for their part, have elected to stay as quiet as possible, reiterating their previous statements that they will wait until later in the year to announce their 2018 driver lineup. While understandable that the manufacturer would want to prepare a doctored and highly-controlled statement, there isn’t much they can do to stem the tide of belief that Kubica will find himself back in the sport at long last.

Unfortunately, the performance of Jolyon Palmer and what many see as a Formula 1 career that began too soon may give Kubica the boost into the Renault seat that has been waiting for him for far too long.

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