Formula One: Sainz Remains Adamant on Red Bull Promotion

Formula One Red Bull Toro Rosso driver Carlos Sainz remains adamant on his aspiration for a promotion out of the sister team.

“Don’t bite the hand that feeds you.” That was the response that Carlos Sainz received from Dr. Helmut Marko after his little tirade on expecting to be promoted to the Red Bull team proper.

Sainz’s ambition was clear, though his delivery was found lacking. The Spaniard accomplished little than making some splashes in the kiddie pool before being put in his place – but he remains adamant that he was right to voice his grievances.

Sainz had previously said that the matter was settled between all parties over a tennis match between himself and Red Bull team principal Christian Horner, but has now opened a bit more regarding the impulse that saw himself at odds with the senior team members responsible for his employment:

“It is not something that I enjoyed, seeing Helmut and Christian going against me, but it sometimes happens in a Formula 1 career.

From my side, there is nothing else than sheer ambition, and sometimes in the heat of ambition you say things. But that is me. I have targets and objectives. It should be over – so turn the page.

It is my one and only target to be a Red Bull driver in the future. That is what I want, and that is what I have said a hundred times before.” – Carlos Sainz

Despite Sainz’s outward appearance of petulance, his desire for a promotion after racing three years for Toro Rosso is completely understandable. The last thing the young Spaniard wishes to see is himself languishing in the Red Bull sister team in his prime.

Both Sainz’s ambition and desire and perfectly understandable, and it’s unfortunate that the method in which he communicated his desire was less-than-ideal, but there was never really any chance that he would see himself move up to the Red Bull team proper next year.

With the likes of Daniel Ricciardo and Max Verstappen finding their individual grooves while simultaneously emerging as one of the grids most potent partnerships, it makes perfect sense that Horner would want to retain his two star drivers – and that’s without even mentioning that Verstappen himself is Marko’s pet project, and the likes of ol’ Helmut giving up the ghost on Max is next to none.

Yes, it looks like Sainz will get to chalk up the entire experience to learning how to go about voicing his desires to his higher-ups without earning their ire. One can only hope that he makes the best out of is future time in Toro Rosso and shows Red Bull that he’s worth much more than just being left to squander at the sister team.

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